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Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews and Buying Guide

by Aaraf Shahji
Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuuming is a necessary chore that needs to be done regularly. But with so many types of vacuums available, it can take time to know which is best for your needs. Upright vacuum cleaners are popular because they are powerful, easy to store and do a great job to cleaning hard floors and carpets. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best upright vacuum cleaner on the market and help you find the perfect one for your home.

The upright vacuum cleaner has been around for many years, but the products you purchase today are far different from the ones you may remember your parents using. They go above and beyond the call of duty by looking out for the air quality in your home and removing the dirt from your carpet. Further, vacuums are no longer restricted to use on the mat.

About Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

In the United States, most adults recognize upright vacuum cleaners as the sweepers their mothers used when they were children. Yet, the products that line the shelves of stores today are much different from the ones used generations ago. Technology has changed what consumers expect from a vacuum. In return, vacuums have become more efficient, powerful, and functional to cover every home surface.

The Dyson upright vacuum cleaner is one of today’s market’s more technologically advanced options. The ball technology on some of their bestselling models has changed how a vacuum can look and made it more comfortable for users to clean their homes.

Other upright vacuums are changing the role of the vacuum cleaner in the home by including newer technologies that clean the air and the floor. Technologies such as cyclonic systems allow the air to be contained inside the vacuum and then strained through a HEPA filter before rereleasing.

This technology is worth throwing out an older vacuum and replacing since it can improve the air quality inside the home. Users who have pets or who suffer from allergies benefit immensely from the cleaner air delivered with the air purifying technology on their upright cleaner.

Top 10 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Many upright vacuums deserve recognition for their unique strengths and qualities, but let’s look at a few that stand out in today’s market. These are some of the most competitive vacuums currently being sold.

1. Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

It includes the popular cyclonic technology, which seals in the air, separates it from the filth from your floor, and runs it through a HEPA filter to strip out any microscopic allergens before finally releasing it back into your home. It significantly improved over older vacuum models, which spat dirty air back out as you tried to clean your house.

Thanks to cyclonic technology, the Dyson DC65 vacuum has a powerful suction system that does not lose power as you collect more dirt. This vacuum cleaner is a part of the animal collection designed with pet owners in mind.

It is designed to fit into narrow spaces and tuck easily into closets or other storage areas. It still delivers powerful suction and efficient cleaning abilities, along with a HEPA filter that will last for the vacuum’s lifetime.

2. Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

The Dyson Ball upright vacuum is a lightweight, compact unit that offers something original to the market. Taking note that the traditional vacuum model wheel system causes users difficulty getting around angles and turns in the home, they designed the ball system, which can quickly turn in any direction at any time.

The original features of the Dyson upright vacuum cleaner are a direct result of innovative designs that take notice of problems presented with other systems. The brand has won over consumers by listening to their needs and delivering something new.

Using a ball system vacuum is much easier and faster because it will move in any direction. You want to turn without you ever having to lift the entire sweeper. It makes it much easier to get around furniture or twist off to the side for something not cleaned.

3. Hoover UH70210 Wind TunnelPet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum

Hoover UH70210 Wind TunnelPet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum

The Hoover upright vacuum is one of the most recognizable names on the market. They have been producing highly competitive models since the early 1900s but have remained on top of the market by keeping up with technology.

The Hoover UH70210 bagless upright vacuum is the most popular model today. Most users want to avoid changing a messy bag or a sweeper that loses suction power as a bag starts to fill up. They also want something that will keep their air clean. Rather than pulling tiny allergen particles out of the carpet and spitting it into the air as older models did.

The Hoover UH70210 features cyclonic technology, ensuring this does not happen. Each unit is sealed tight so that the air sucked up with the dirt and dust cannot get out until it has been separated from the filth and run through a HEPA filter that removes allergens and other harmful particles.

The Wind Tunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum is also getting a lot of attention as a highly affordable model. That includes a wide selection of onboard tools and the ability to keep all types of flooring clean efficiently. It consists of an allergen filter to keep the air clean as well.

4. Hoover U6485900 WindTunnel Self-Propelled Bagged Upright

Hoover U6485900 WindTunnel Self-Propelled Bagged Upright

If a brand out there truly understands what a vacuum is supposed to do and how to make it live up to expected standards, it is the well-experienced Hoover brand.

It is best known for the long cord that automatically rewinds itself into position after being unplugged. It is an effortless feature, but it shows why consumers have loved Hoover for many years. They pay attention to minor details that make life easier for consumers.

The Hoover U6485900 Wind Tunnel model still has a HEPA filter and a powerful motor that will clean seven different flooring heights.

The Hoover upright vacuum continues to be a powerful force in the market and is guaranteed to be around for generations more. Who knows where technology will lead next. But this brand will likely be among the very first to bring it to the market, whatever it is.

5. Eureka AS1051A AirSpeed Bagged Upright Vacuum

Eureka AS1051A AirSpeed Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka upright vacuum is one of the oldest brands on the market. When you purchase a product with this name, you are buying into a century of experience and knowledge. Resulting in some of the market’s most efficient, user-friendly models.

The Eureka AS1051A has a stylish design and is made to go anywhere. From every type of floor, drapery, and furniture surface to cracks, corners, and even the ceiling, you can depend on this super functional vacuum to take care of everything.

It is designed to be efficient on all floor surfaces and is relatively easy to use with stairways. The Eureka AS1051A comes with a HEPA filter that ensures the air thrown back into your home is clean of pollen, dust, and other allergens.

It is the brand for you if you want a vacuum that will keep your home clean and your pocketbook full.

6. Eureka Boss 4870MZ Smart-Vac Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Boss 4870MZ Smart-Vac

There are a variety of models offered by Eureka, each with its intended use and strengths. You should check the Eureka Boss upright vacuum if you have pets. It is designed with pet owners in mind and will quickly get the pet hair up on all types of surfaces throughout the house.

It also picks up and contains pet dander and other tiny allergen particles so that your air is cleaner and friendlier to those with allergies. As one of the longest-standing names on the market, they have lived up to their reputation as one of the most affordable and functional options.

The Eureka 4870MZ SmartVac upright has been recognized through two different consumer review magazines as one of the most economical ways to keep your home clean and tidy.

7. BISSELL 5770 Healthy Home Bagless Upright Vacuum

BISSELL 5770 Healthy Home Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The Bissell upright vacuum cleaner is the product of extensive research on how one small appliance could make every floor surface and particle of the air cleaner excellent to live in.

The Bissell Healthy Home upright vacuum is an excellent example of this dedication to keeping your home clean and allergen-free. This vacuum cleaner has an air-tight design and HEPA filter to ensure the air that comes back into the house is free of allergen particles. It is backed with an antimicrobial system that even the teeny tiniest particles do not escape into your air. The Bissell 5770 upright vacuum cleaner, and it is one of the best options for homes with pets or for anyone that may have allergies.

The job of a vacuum cleaner is no longer to keep larger debris off the floor. Models like this are now designed to look after air quality as well. With years of experience and a well-known name that consumers have long looked to for high-quality, Dependable products. This is one of the best lines of vacuums currently being offered on the market.

8. BISSELL 2763 PowerGlide Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum

BISSELL 2763 PowerGlide Pet Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Which Bissell upright vacuum cleaner is suitable for your home depends. Mainly on the use you want to put it to.

There are many other models besides these. So chances are high that you will find what you are looking for at a very affordable price. This one is not designed for pet owners specifically. But it still has a powerful suction force and will get up a lot of pet hair.

It is designed to be highly efficient at picking up pet hair off all floor surfaces. It features cyclonic technology, a powerful way of separating dirt and dust from the air while never allowing the vacuum to lose suction power.

9. Electrolux Precision EL8807A Brushroll Clean Bagless Upright Vacuum

Electrolux EL8602A upright vacuum

The Electrolux upright vacuum cleaner is nothing new to consumers. The name has been around for nearly a hundred years. It has become well known for its innovative designs and functional products that last for years. Their vacuums are intended to be used regularly and stand up to the messes commonly presented in an active home.

The Electrolux Aptitude upright is designed to go anywhere in your home without strain on your body. It has a unique design that allows the machine to glide over your floor without you having to push it along. The handle is also explicitly designed to make it more comfortable to get the sweeper head under furniture and around corners.

It is one of the quietest vacuums you can bring into your home, but that does not come at the expense of power. There is enough suction on this to ensure that even the smallest particles are pulled off your floor and eliminated.

For consumers concerned about more than just getting the dirt out of the carpet, the Electrolux Oxygen upright vacuum includes extra technology that cleans the air and the floor. It is designed with a HEPA filter, so the air sucked in can be captured and cleaned of all possible allergens before being released back into the home.

10. Electrolux Nimble EL8602A Upright Bagless Vacuum

Electrolux Nimble EL8602A Vacuum Cleaner

The Electrolux EL8602A upright vacuum is a powerful appliance that will work on various floor surfaces. Including all heights of carpeting and hard floors.

It also includes excellent convenience features such as a cover so onboard tools are not seen. Its lights that indicate that the system is operating as it should. It is an Electrolux upright vacuum cleaner for every need of every home. No matter how large or small the floor surface may be.

Of course, every line of vacuums must have a lighter-weight model more suitable for quick use on little messes that occur daily in most households. The Electrolux Intensity upright is this brand’s answer to spills and other small demands that must be dealt with quickly.

The Nimble EL8602A upright vacuum cleaner from Electrolux may be small. Still, it has a fantastic amount of suction power to ensure that you can quickly eliminate demanding messes from the floor even more.

What to Consider When Buying an Upright Vacuum Cleaner

When shopping for an upright vacuum cleaner, there are several factors to consider. First, consider the size of your home and the carpeting you have. If you have a lot of carpeting, you’ll want to ensure that the vacuum cleaner has enough power and suction to clean it effectively. Consider the types of surfaces you need to clean, such as carpets, hardwood floors, and tiles. Different vacuums can be better suited to one kind of surface than another. So it’s essential to find the right one for your needs.

Next, consider the noise level of the vacuum cleaner. If you’re living in an apartment or other close quarters, you’ll want to ensure that the vacuum isn’t too loud. Also, look at the accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner. Most vacuums come with a crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool. But you should check to ensure that the one you’re considering has all these features.

When you’ve narrowed down your choices, think about the cost of the vacuum cleaner. Compare different models to find the best value for your money. Look for a vacuum cleaner with a warranty in case something goes wrong.


How We Tested the Upright Vacuums

At Vacuum Cleaner Reviews, we take testing seriously. That’s why when it comes to evaluating upright vacuums. We put each model through a rigorous series of tests to see how it performs.

To begin with, we evaluate each vacuum on various criteria, such as suction power, maneuverability, dust collection, and noise level. We then test the vacuums in real-world scenarios such as carpet cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and pet hair removal. It allows us to understand better how effective the vacuum is in different situations.

We also look at the ease of use of each vacuum. Such as how easy it is to assemble and empty the dust bin. Additionally, we test for essential safety features such as automatic shutoff and cord retractors. Finally, we evaluate the durability of each vacuum by testing its build quality and warranty information.

In short, our testing process is comprehensive. We strive to provide you with the best upright vacuum cleaner reviews possible. So that you can make an informed decision about your next purchase.

Why do Americans almost exclusively use upright vacuum cleaners?

Americans almost exclusively use upright vacuum cleaners for several reasons. Firstly, upright vacuums are more accessible to maneuver than canister vacuums due to their shape and design. That makes it simpler to reach hard-to-clean areas such as stairs and corners. Upright vacuums also tend to be more potent in terms of suction power, making them more effective at cleaning carpets and hard floors.

In addition, upright vacuums are generally lighter and more compact than canister vacuums. It makes them more convenient to store and transport, which is especially helpful if you have a multi-level home. Furthermore, many upright vacuums have additional features, such as built-in attachments, allowing you to easily clean hard-to-reach places.

Finally, upright vacuums generally have better filtration systems than canister vacuums. It helps keep the air in your home cleaner and ensures you’re not inhaling dust and debris while vacuuming. These factors make upright vacuum cleaners an ideal choice for many Americans.

What are the benefits of an expensive upright vacuum cleaner?

An expensive upright vacuum cleaner can provide various benefits that make it worth the investment. Upright vacuums are more potent than other vacuums, allowing them to clean carpets and hard floors effectively. Additionally, they often have a larger dust capacity. Enabling you to vacuum for more extended periods without having to empty the dust container as often.

Upright vacuums are also designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver. Making them ideal for those who suffer from back pain or other physical ailments. They also tend to be quieter than different types of vacuums. Which makes them a good choice for those with hearing impairments.

Finally, expensive upright vacuums often come with HEPA filtration, adjustable suction power, and onboard tools for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. It means that not only will you have a powerful and effective vacuum cleaner. But you’ll also have access to the latest technology in air filtration and convenience.

An expensive upright vacuum cleaner may be the perfect choice if you’re looking for an efficient and powerful way to clean your home. Not only will you get all of the benefits listed above. But you’ll also be able to save money in the long run by investing in a quality product.


Upright vacuum cleaners are even starting to look different these days. As designers and a host of other interested professionals closely study every aspect of the typical vacuum. They are coming up with more modern alternatives. That make these small appliances even more efficient and function in the home.

The innovative features that deliver something extra. It make cleaning at home a little easier and faster make the upright vacuum popular in today’s market. They produce high-quality products with innovative ideas that make each model more functional in the home.

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